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Form For Reporting Items To The Central Bureau For Astronomical Telegrams

If reporting a discovery, be sure that you give as much detail as possible (have you read the notes on what you should be reporting?). If you do not give us all the required information, your report may be attended to less rapidly. Be sure to remove any and all html encoding from your e-mail, as we do not use web browsers to read e-mail; the inclusion of html encoding in your e-mail may cause messages to be delayed or even deleted by accident.

Details on how to specify diacritical marks on non-English words.

If reporting a scientific item that may be subject to line charges, please ensure that you have indicated the mailing address to which the line-charge invoice should be sent.

IMPORTANT NOTICE (2001 Sept. 11):

We regret that this form ceased to function following an upgrade of the OS on the webserver (note that no recompilation or relinking was performed...). Until such time as this form is fixed, use this mailto link. Be SURE to click on the "Send Plain Text Only" button (do NOT send html-encoded e-mail).

You may send your discovery report or proposed IAUC item via e-mail, but please do not send e-mail encoded in HTML or in any kind of PC-software binary language -- only in plain ASCII text. Especially if using a PC, please enter a RETURN character at the end of each on-screen line (i.e., after every 70 characters or so) to prevent very long lines being mailed.

Try to follow the IAUC conventions regarding textual items (e.g., affiliations, units, references, defining acronymns, etc.). Include references as much as possible, to explain any concept that is not obvious to general astronomy readers; reference to previous items regarding the same object on IAUCs is particularly encouraged. References should be given as follows: last name of author, year of publication, journal name volume number, page number. (In the case of two authors, both last names should be given; in the case of more than two authors, give only the first author's last name, followed by et al.; example: Clinton et al. 1925, Ap.J. 252, 16.) Those reporting discoveries of new objects need to give full information regarding proper sources (atlases, catalogues, etc.) that have been checked, in order to bolster their evidence.

To avoid delays, please use standard IAUC procedures for listing authors (first and middle initials, last full name; maximum of three authors, if possible), affiliations (providing FULL institutional names, not abbreviated names or acronyms unless defined first, with diacritical marks in TeX form; amateurs should not give their private observatory name but rather city/town and state/country), units (s for seconds, optical wavelengths in nm, instrument apertures in meters, etc.; use TeX notation for exponents, subscripts, and special math characters; give positions to proper number of digits -- R.A. usually given to one more significant digit than Decl., e.g.), and times (give to decimals of a day in Universal Time; never use MJD), etc. Write your text here:

You must provide your full postal address below. In the event that line charges will be levied, please enter your postal (snail) mail address below (discoverers should also report their telephone/fax number):


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