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Catalogue Of Cometary Orbits

Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory

The availability of the 17th edition of the Catalogue of Cometary Orbits was announced on IAUC 8958 issued on 2008 July 7. The 195 pages contain 3815 sets of orbital elements (in the J2000.0 system) for 3708 cometary apparitions of 2844 different comets through June 2008. Cross-references are supplied between the old and new cometary designation systems. There is a special tabulation giving osculating elements for the 200 numbered periodic comets (excluding seven deemed to be lost) for the epochs 2007 Oct. 10.0 TT, 2008 May 14.0 TT, 2008 Nov. 30.0 TT, 2009 June 18.0 TT, 2010 Jan. 4.0 TT and 2010 July 23.0 TT.


In the 17th edition, the name Korlević is consistently misspelled Korlevlić. This erratum, which occurs only in the printed volume, also occurs in the 14th, 15th and 16th editions.

Please read this policy statement on the distribution of catalogues and datasets.

The price, postage included is US$60.00 (US$80.00 by airmail outside North America). The main part of the catalogue and the table of `original' and `future' 1/a values for the 426 long-period comets of the highest quality can by supplied by e-mail for US$80.00.

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