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Catalogue Of High-Precision Orbits Of Minor Planets

Minor Planet Center

No 1997 edition of this catalogue has been prepared due to the limited interest in previous editions.

The 1996 (fourth) edition of this annual publication, intended as a companion to the Efemeridy Malykh Planet (EMP), was announced on Minor Planet Circular (MPC) 25745. In a departure from previous editions, the latest edition of the Catalogue Of High-Precision Orbits Of Minor Planets (HPOMP) contains orbits for those numbered objects not in the corresponding volume of the EMP, and this has necessitated a minor change in the title of the publication from the earlier Catalogue Of High-Precision Orbits Of Unnumbered Minor Planets.

Please read this policy statement on the distribution of catalogues and datasets.

Osculating elements are given for the epoch 1996 Nov. 13.0 TT and the catalogue is complete through the 1995 Nov. 7 batch of MPCs. The HPOMP thus contains orbital elements for 518 numbered objects, (6161)--(6678), 4914 multiple-opposition objects and 269 single-opposition long-arc objects. Opposition positions and motions are given for objects that reach opposition between 1995 Dec. 1 and 1997 Jan. 31; more extensive ephemerides are given for unusual minor planets.

The new catalogue costs $30.00 ($40.00 for airmail delivery). The orbits are also being issued on an MS-DOS diskette for $120.00; the ephemerides are not included, but there is a PC-computer program for generating them.

Checks should be made payable to the Minor Planet Center and mailed to:

   Minor Planet Center,
   Mail Stop 18,
   Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory,
   60 Garden Street,
   Cambridge, MA 02138,
Subscribers to the Minor Planet Circulars can have their accounts debited by the appropriate amount.

Orders by credit card can also be accepted.

If the Catalogue of Orbits of Unnumbered Minor Planets is also desired, both catalogues are available at the special price of $50.00 ($65.00 for airmail delivery). The corresponding MS-DOS diskettes are available for $200.00 the pair.

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