Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams

Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams -- Image credits


Our web site has received the following awards for content:

To quote from their website:

"The Griffith Observatory Star Awards were established to recognize excellence in web sites that promote public awareness of astronomy. These are the best astronomy sites on the World Wide Web, and they present useful, thorough, and accurate information in a well-organized and attractive way, making the sky more accessible."

(Notified 1999 Nov. 4)

L.A. Times Pick

This one is from the Los Angeles Times. Our Press Information Sheet for C/1995 O1 (Hale-Bopp) was the L.A. Times Pick for 1997 Mar. 11. (Notified 1997 May 1)

L.A. Times Pick

This one is from SpaceViews and is a `Space Site of the Week Winner' for our interactive minor-planet designation cross-referencer. (Notified 1997 Mar. 10)

SpaceViews Award

We have received a NetGiver award!

NetGiver Award

Our Rock & Roll minor planets page was selected as one of Yahoo's Picks of the Week for the week of 1996 Aug. 12.

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