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The following subscription rates, in $US per month, apply to CBAT/MPC/ICQ services:

Service                     Special rate    Regular rate
                           (Non-invoiced)    (Invoiced)

Computer Service                6.00           10.00
    (includes e-mail delivery of IAUCs and MPECs)

Printed IAUCs                   9.00           15.00

Printed MPCs (surface)         14.50           22.50
             (air)             22.00           30.00

Extended Computer Service      25.00           25.00
    (to subscribe to the ECS one must also subscribe to the CS
     and/or printed MPCs)

International Comet Quarterly (non-North-American airmail rates in parentheses)
  With annual Comet Handbook   30.00 (50.00)   40.00 (60.00)
  Without handbook             20.00 (40.00)   30.00 (50.00)

Subscriptions to the IAUCs, MPCs, Computer Service and Extended Computer Service should be entered for a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 months.

The following catalogues are available:

Catalogue of Cometary Orbits (2003 edition)
   Printed (surface)                   40.00
           (air)                       60.00
   E-mail                              75.00

Comet Handbook 2005
   Surface                             15.00
   Air                                 30.00

Limited quantities of back issues of these catalogues are
available for those wishing to complete sets.

In the above table `surface' refers to surface-mail delivery and `air' indicates airmail delivery.


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